Colourful Rebel

Our journey started in a student apartment in the west of Amsterdam. This is where we transformed our apartment into a small warehouse. and then you guys discovered Colourful Rebel and liked it… We had the chance to move into a bigger apartment. The ground floor became our warehouse where we packed all the orders and the first floor was our office.

We grew so fast that within a year we outgrew this apartment as well and moved to our office in the city center. We rented two floors and within little over one year this office also became way too small. Samples, stock and other random stuff filled our office and it was time to move on. We were offered our current and put our heart and soul into the renovation, and after blood, sweat and tears we feel that our office turned out perfect!

Food is very important to us so we had to have a cozy kitchen we could hang out in. After lunch dips were an unavoidable consequence so we had to have a super relaxed living room. And to get rid of all the work stress we installed a pool table, a Playstation, a table tennis table, a dartboard and a boxing bag. Our office truly reflects who we are: perfectionists, rebels and caregivers.

We enjoy the good things in life, we love to hang out with our friends and take care of them.

Welcome to the world of Colourful Rebel.

In onze winkel in Wolvega hebben wij een uitgebreide Dames collectie van het merk Colourful Rebel, In onze winkel in Meppel verkopen wij de Heren Collectie ook kun je lekker, makkelijk en snel shoppen op reykjavikonline.nl

Reykjavik Meppel - 05 22 25 83 80 | Reykjavik Wolvega - 05 61 47 65 52